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Scaling MySQL in the cloud with Vitess and Kubernetes

Cross-posted on Google Cloud Platform Blog.

Your new website is growing exponentially. After a few rounds of high fives, you start scaling to meet this unexpected demand. While you can always add more front-end servers, eventually your database becomes a bottleneck, which leads you to . . .

Add more replicas for better read throughput and data durabilityIntroduce sharding to scale your write throughput and let your data set grow beyond a single machineCreate separate replica pools for batch jobs and backups, to isolate them from live trafficClone the whole deployment into multiple datacenters worldwide for disaster recovery and lower latency
At YouTube, we went on that journey as we scaled our MySQL deployment, which today handles the metadata for billions of daily video views and 300 hours of new video uploads per minute. To do this, we developed the Vitessplatform, which addresses scaling challenges while hiding the associated complexity from the application layer.