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Cloud Native MySQL Sharding with Vitess and Kubernetes

Cross-posted on Google Cloud Platform Blog.

Cloud native technologies like Kubernetes help you compose scalable services out of a sea of small logical units. In our last post, we introduced Vitess (an open-source project that powers YouTube's main database) as a way of turning MySQL into a scalable Kubernetes application. Our goal was to make scaling your persistent datastore in Kubernetes as simple as scaling stateless app servers - just run a single command to launch more pods. We've made a lot of progress since then (pushing over 2,500 new commits) and we're nearing the first stable version of the new, cloud native Vitess.
Vitess 2.0 In preparation for the stable release, we've begun to publish alpha builds of Vitess v2.0.0. Some highlights of what's new since our earlier post include:
Using the final Kubernetes 1.0 API. Official Vitess client libraries in Java, Python, PHP, and Go. Java and Go clients use the new HTTP/2-based gRPC framework. Can now run on top of MySQ…