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Vitess V2: Now with more V3

Starting with Vitess v2.0.0-beta.2, the VTGate V3 API can route complex single-shard queries (containing joins, subqueries, aggregation, sorting, and any combination thereof) as well as perform cross-shard joins. That means you no longer need to tell VTGate the keyspace ID that a query targets, as you did with the VTGate V2 API.

The fact that keyspace IDs are now hidden from the application has enabled drop-in Vitess libraries for standard database interfaces like JDBC (written by Flipkart), PDO (written by Pixel Federation), PEP 249, and database/sql. We've also made it possible to do resharding without having to add a keyspace ID column to your tables, which means no more schema changes and column back-fills when migrating existing databases to Vitess.

To show off these new features, we recently gave a talk at Percona Live 2016 (no video unfortunately, but the slides are posted) in which we did a live demo of resharding an app that's completely unaware of sharding. The Shard…