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Vitess Weekly Digest

This week, we kick off our new weekly blog updates — bringing you the best of Vitess questions and topics on our Slack discussions. The goal is to show the most interesting topics and requests so those of you just getting started can see highlights of what has been covered.
Since this is our first ever digest, we’re going to go back in time and publish a little more than what happened last week.
Large result setsAlejandro [Jul 2nd at 9:54 AM] Good morning, we are trying to move away from interacting with Vitess through gRPC and instead using the MySQL binary protocol and I was just wondering if anyone here could let me know if Vitess supports unbuffered/streaming queries (returning more than 10K rows) over the MySQL binary protocol, or if that is just a gRPC feature? Thanks in advance. (edited)
sougou [29 days ago] @Alejandro set workload='olap' should do it (for mysql protocol)
Naming shardsDeepak [9:36 AM] Hello everyone, I have a small doubt can someone please help me with i…