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Vitess Weekly Digest Aug 24, 2018

This week, we continue the digest from the Slack discussions for Jul 25 2018 to Aug 2 2018 .
Update stream
Jian [Jul 25th at 1:27 PM] hi there, I'm new to Vitess, now I'm following the user-guide from to explore vitess, in update stream section, I notice they have change log, where could I see these change logs so I can have a better understanding of the update stream?
sougou  That's the only documentation we have about the update stream, but we'll be fixing docs for all vitess very soon.
Jian  sure sure, thank you very much!
vamsi  @sougou even if documentation is not ready yet, is there some info you can provide to Jian about where he can see change logs?
sougou  The end to end test can actually be handy. Let me get the link.
sougou  this section in particular
Jian [1 day ago] :+1:
Fixing a failed MigrateServedTypesV…