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Vitess Weekly Digest Sep 24, 2018

This week, we continue the digest from the Slack discussions for Sep 1 2018 to Sep 21 2018. As of this post, we are fully caught up on our backlogs.
Tracking progress of resharding
jk [Sep 5th] In the  SplitClone Stage of resharding, how can i get the percent of process ?  Or Could I estimate the time left ?
sougou I don't know of a formal way, but you can look at the database size. It should be a good indicator hopefully.
jk Alright. I'll check the mysql data size and compare. It is almost 400G in the source shard. So I'm not sure how long it will take. Thank you.
xuhaihua @jk just check the row size of the destination shard and the source shard in vtctld.
rnavarro [update] To "track" our progress we use this fancy log grep. It filters out a lot of the noise and shows us what we need to track some notion of progress:
kubectl logs --since=2m -f vtworker |grep -v 'not started' |grep -v 'copy done' |grep -v ' 0 threads' |grep -v 'Working on'…

Vitess Weekly Digest Sep 10, 2018

This week, we continue the digest from the Slack discussions for Aug 3 2018 to Aug 31 2018.
Secondary Vindexesraj.veerappan [Aug 3 9:27 AM] how do secondary vindexes work? would they result in further sharding?
weitzman [9:32 AM] If you have an authors table and a books table and you shard by author ID, a secondary vindex is a performance tool to help respond to the query, `select * from books where book_id = :id` Being sharded by authors, there’s not any obvious information in that query to help identify what the associated author ID / keyspace ID would be for the book entry (edited) A secondary vindex is a function that helps answer that question in a more effective way than just doing a scatter query across all shards
raj.veerappan [9:35 AM] ahh got it so sharding only happens by primary vindex and secondary vindexes help with routing to primary vindexes. Update streams like Maxellraj.veerappan [10:56 AM] I think I heard that Vitess lets you listen to a stream of db updates, similar t…