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Vitess Weekly Digest Sep 10, 2018

This week, we continue the digest from the Slack discussions for Aug 3 2018 to Aug 31 2018.
Secondary Vindexesraj.veerappan [Aug 3 9:27 AM] how do secondary vindexes work? would they result in further sharding?
weitzman [9:32 AM] If you have an authors table and a books table and you shard by author ID, a secondary vindex is a performance tool to help respond to the query, `select * from books where book_id = :id` Being sharded by authors, there’s not any obvious information in that query to help identify what the associated author ID / keyspace ID would be for the book entry (edited) A secondary vindex is a function that helps answer that question in a more effective way than just doing a scatter query across all shards
raj.veerappan [9:35 AM] ahh got it so sharding only happens by primary vindex and secondary vindexes help with routing to primary vindexes. Update streams like Maxellraj.veerappan [10:56 AM] I think I heard that Vitess lets you listen to a stream of db updates, similar t…